The StyroNext portfolio includes Styroc panels & moulds and StRone finished products. Made using strongest minerals with polymerized coating of natural stone minerals over EPS, these products are highly durable and versatile in nature. Be it classical or contemporary in design, these mouldings are available in multiple sizes and profiles for retail projects. For large scale projects, StyroNext can be customised to bring alive ambitious and bespoke design concepts with complete backend support and supervision from the company.


Styroc Panels are used for cladding both low and high rise structures. Available in standard size of 3000 x 970 mm and thickness starting from 35mm, these panels lend a seamless appearance with an excellent finish.

Styroc Mouldings are used for creating beautiful window frames, trims, cornices, columns, doors and floor-to-floor separators that enhances the overall aesthetic of the structure. The tongue and groove interlocking system ensures structural stability and are designed to accommodate any expansion due to thermal exposures.



GFRC & other natural materials

FRequently asked questions

What is the composition?

StyroNext is made with polymerized coating of stone and natural minerals on EPS.

Can Styronext panels be used for high rise buildings?

Yes, this wonder material can be used to clad both low and high-rise buildings. Being a light-weight and durable product, it is easy to install and resistant to axial forces.

Are Styronext panels load bearing?

No, they are not load bearing as StyroNext panels are lightweight and durable. This further translates to savings in costs because of reduced transport and labour charges, faster turn-around time and minimal damage compared to traditional alternatives.

If its foam based, will it catch fire easily?

Styronext uses only fire retardant expanded polystyrene of higher density. There is absolutely no risk of it catching fire.

What is the installation process of Styronext?

Styronext is extremely easy to install. They are fixed with nylon anchors and using cementitious polymer adhesives.

Can these panels be painted or manufactured in colours?

Yes, Styroc is a paintable product. Strone on the other hand is a finished product, wherein, manufacturing can be customised in one’s choice of colour and ready for direct application on the structure.

What is the density of these panels and moulds?

The surface density is 2900 kgs/ m3 while the inbuilt density is 25kg/ m3.

Can cracks develop and how can that be fixed?

StyroNext product are heavy in density and not vulnerable to cracks.

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